Vestry defined from the Dictionary for Episcopalians- Legal governing and decision-making body of a parish church, consisting of the rector and elected lay representatives. Its duties include calling the rector, approving the budget, making policy, and approving expenditures. Each vestry has a senior and junior warden, both elected from among members of the vestry either by the congregation or by the vestry itself. Often vestry members are heads of parish committees or commissions, but each parish chooses its own way of structuring its vestry.


Margaret L. (2016)-Senior Warden

Jerry T. (2016) –┬áJunior Warden

Bill I. (2015) Temp. replacement will run for Vestry in this year’s election.

Travis G. (2015)

Naomi C. (2016)

Nancy B. (2017)

Sandra W. (2017)

Years in parenthesis indicates year end rotating off vestry.