Recently, a Livingston native was informed that there was a new pastor (rector) coming to St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. The reply was “Really . . . I didn’t know there was an Episcopal Church in Livingston.” Yes, there really is an Episcopal Church in Livingston. Another inquiry concerned just what an Episcopalian “looked like.” Well, you know that song about the “one-eyed-one-horned-flying-purple-people-eater”? That’s US! Seriously, St. Luke’s celebrated our 60th Anniversary in October, 2013 and while it might be hard to believe- we don’t look any different from the rest of you folks! However, there is this matter of a new pastor, priest, or rector . . .

The Rev. Link Hullar (Fr. Link) comes to St. Luke’s, Livingston after five years at St. Barnabas in Houston. Fr. Link is a bi-vocational priest. This means that, while he serves as the “rector” (a strange Episcopal word for “pastor”) of St. Luke’s, he also has a full-time job as Professor of History at Lone Star College-Kingwood. He is originally from Decatur, Alabama, but has lived in the Houston area since 1979 (currently residing in Tomball with his wife Sharon). Fr. Link brings a diversity of experiences to St. Luke’s. He has been a teacher for over thirty-five years, is the author of more than fifteen books (included a dozen western novels) and over one hundred articles, poems, stories, and essays, co-wrote and co-produced a televised special on the Three Stooges, and continues to write about a variety of topics (including upcoming articles in a new magazine devoted to Dell/Gold Key comic books). He has been married to Sharon for over 35 years. They have two adult children and two grandchildren.

If you have not yet “found” the Episcopal church in Livingston then come visit us some Sunday morning! We are located at the corner of Willis and Jones just across the street from Timber Creek Elementary. Our worship service is at 10:30 with coffee and fellowship following the service in the parish hall. We worship in a casual but traditional manner. To some folks that might seem a contradiction. The folks at St. Luke’s are relaxed, friendly, hospitable, open, and casual in dress and good fellowship. The worship service follows a traditional format that will be comfortable for anyone who comes out of a liturgical tradition such as the Methodists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, and Roman Catholics. So, if you don’t have a church home or just want to see what an Episcopalian looks like then come visit St. Luke’s some Sunday morning. Just turn on Willis; you can’t miss us.

We welcome you by the grace, peace, and love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We WORSHIP our Holy God on Sunday mornings and we preach the GOSPEL! We are about the “GOOD NEWS” of God’s LOVE for His people and all of His creation! Y’all come!

Blessings, Peace, Grace, Prayers, & Happy Trails!

Father Link